About The Campaign

CAMERA on Campus’ This is Zionism campaign unites our network of CAMERA Fellows, coalition group members, and supporters to speak the truth where it needs to be most heard. Our latest campaign builds on our highly successful #ThisIsWhatAZionistLooksLike social media effort. This year, we are proud to collaborate with Israel on Campus Coalition, Stand With Us, Club Z

and Jewish Unpacked.

The initiative features a range of activities and events for students on campuses in the United States, Canada, Israel and the United Kingdom, including a series of talks from prominent speakers, a social media campaign, and community events. 

One exciting feature of this year’s campaign is the newly rebranded “This Is Zionism” Instagram page, which profiles college students, influencers, celebrities, historical figures, and other community members who are unabashed about their support for the State of Israel and Zionism.

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Our campaign website includes numerous articles, backgrounders and infographics that are comprehensive and easy to reference in any situation, from a candid discussion to a research paper.

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