Is Anti-Zionism Antisemitism?

”Anti-Zionism is the belief that says Israel has no right to exist and shouldn’t continue existing [as a Jewish state]. It is not a theoretical position. It’s an effort to forcibly dispossess over six million Jews of a right they currently have. It doesn’t say that nation-states shouldn’t exist, just that the Jewish state – the only safe-haven for Jews around the world – shouldn’t exist.”

—Adam Levick, Co-Editor of CAMERA UK


This critical issue is part of the internationally-endorsed “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s” (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism. There is, however, a fringe movement to delegitimize this definition and paint it as a threat to free speech and Palestinian rights and activism. But there is nothing in the definition that problematizes advocacy for Palestinian self-determination. On the contrary, those who attack the IHRA definition want to lend an air of legitimacy to calls for the dissolution of the world’s only Jewish state.

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